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Big news!!!      L. V. Cook = Vic Cook

Maybe it is because everyone calls me "Vic" anyway, or maybe it is because "L. V." sounds like the plural form of "Elvis", or maybe it is because the domain name became available.  Whatever the reason, I am slowly but surely taking the plunge to adopt "Vic Cook" as my official stage name.  One of my favorite songwriters started his music career as "Johnny Cougar", which later became "John Cougar", which later became "John Cougar Mellencamp" which finally became "John Mellencamp" (his given name).  I still have two more names and a few million CD sales left to go to catch up with him;)  You can now access this web site using either the original or new domain names.

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Vic Cook with Bruce Lebovitz

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Epicure Cafe rooftop, 11104 Lee Hwy, Fairfax, VA

We love playing at the Epicure Cafe, and the new rooftop Tiki Bar area is a wonderful addition. You can access the rooftop from the stairs in the back parking lot. For this show, I plan to play many old favorites that I have not played in a while, and maybe debut a couple of new songs. To see our last performance at the Epicure, check out the video below.

Performance With Bruce Lebovitz at Epicure Cafe

Watch the video of "Feather" from my May 23, 2015 show with violinist Bruce Lebovitz on the rooftop at Epicure Cafe in Fairfax, VA.

Watch the video for "Mister Shoes"

"Lousy With Love" live in Ireland

"Easy Once Again" live in Ireland

Roads Water and Orange

There are places that scatter in dust and faint echoes of recollection.  There are other places that loom large, visiting in a rain of dreams, where lighthouse flickers lead to new destinations and gifts.  These are the paths that inhabit my new concept album "Roads, Water and Orange".

"Roads, Water and Orange" explores the journeys of life (the roads), their tribulations (the water), and the realization of love along the way (the orange).  This album offers an unusual diversity of styles and sounds, from acoustic rock to bossa nova, songs that are both different and together, strung like diamonds along a live wire of ups, downs, and in-betweens.  "Roads, Water and Orange" is a journey of souls searching for their Orangeland.  I am sure we will meet again somewhere along the way...

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